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File: 1656120822571.png–(81.03KB, 677x672, 9345048350932405.png)
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¨ No.814
its him
¨ No.816  >>824
1656140378283.jpg–(2.88MB, 4000x3000, IMG_20220611_213428.jpg)

¨ No.824

File: 1656119193557.png–(101.18KB, 738x466, arc.png)
No.810  [Reply]
fluffy space raptors
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¨ No.820  >>822
¨ No.822

File: 1655676184731.jpg–(142.15KB, 828x1211, tumblr_0e6f88ab038757dce0c7aa4be10ab7e1_50299d37_1)
No.787  [Reply]
any cute trannies wanna get chased by a cute tranny?
¨ No.796
1655841879114.jpg–(321.08KB, 1080x1320, be kind 2 my plushies.jpg)

File: 1655839874209.png–(15.93KB, 865x760, 36q297h0zkz81.png)
No.794  [Reply]
Come post on https://a1chan.ch/ if you'd like. We have user board creation!
¨ No.795
1655841777891.gif–(112.84KB, 97x119, fastcatfurry.gif)
¨ No.801

File: 1651982537690.jpg–(213.01KB, 1024x768, 340D64F3-0F33-4A21-94C1-6F9A760DCC7E.jpeg)
No.50  [Reply]  >>56
remember 9/11? whats your favorite 9/11 moment
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1655724193057.jpg–(124.99KB, 639x645, tumblr_c0ad250d6faa7d32e9c943585e33d9a4_b37c92c1_6)

¨ No.791  >>793
im glad latias isnt destroying the towers just politely greeting them on a sunny new york morning
¨ No.793

File: 1655758241875.jpg–(37.70KB, 415x415, -i0an9j.jpg)
No.792  [Reply]
My manager sent me home from work early today because I was drawing while taking a customer's order and when I started fidgeting with a pack of peanuts she took that as attitude and was all like "erm you need to go home. Stop giving me attitude" I WAS LITERALLY FIDGETING WITH A PACK OF PEANUTS WHAT THE HELL

File: 1655416506416.jpg–(66.00KB, 640x370, fetish fairy gives u a new fetish in exchange for)
No.762  [Reply]
how many fetishes ya got kido? 2? 5?
well, for me, heh, it would be faster if i told u which ones i dont have...
im insane like that
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¨ No.786  >>788, >>789
ok fine i admit it i love diorite in minecraft
¨ No.788
diorite fetish
¨ No.789

hi fable

File: 1655628683563.jpg–(161.26KB, 768x980, FVjh4JdWYAAtBL7.jpg)
No.784  [Reply]
oh fug i missed siscon saturday

File: 1654981079779.jpg–(79.61KB, 632x960, tumblr_ecf7d6a53e46a51c31d7497fd46b6402_265f8b4e_6)
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1655289652034.png–(94.93KB, 400x300, tumblr_p3gfhh7UR21qhzw8jo1_400.png)
¨ No.781  >>782
1655585511268.jpg–(215.69KB, 1170x1170, tumblr_2df13d0252697b19fb3276bf8669baf4_92077cc7_1)
¨ No.782
1655586060815.jpg–(87.98KB, 1002x1191, ERW8-mrUcAAuQph.jpg)
tapewormgirls better

File: 1655584419056.jpg–(143.37KB, 970x545, 925406-thailand-tapeworm-viralpress.jpg)
No.780  [Reply]
why are tapeworms more relatable than humans? literally a fictional tapeworm makes more sense than irl humans

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