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File: 1652081111595.png–(555.82KB, 685x567, reerrggr.PNG)
No.299  [Reply]  >>732
ketaboarding a spongedfish foam
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¨ No.301
¨ No.732
I like this guy
¨ No.738
1654855357520.png–(130.33KB, 224x212, spongeh.PNG)

File: 1654846033581.jpg–(53.11KB, 828x654, FMedrivXsAAs8pT.jfif)
No.735  [Reply]
> be me, 19
> at a con, takin a piss
> "hey why are you in the wrong bathroom?"
> bitchwhat.png
> security called
> cops called
> reminded them of laws
> still wanted like a rabid dog
> hide in hotel room, panic attack
> escalates to charity supervisor threatening to sue hospital manager

File: 1651966391582.jpg–(1.04MB, 2258x2283, 8F2B8F08-A6B8-4C4B-A200-7A00C755DFCD.jpeg)
No.1  [Reply]  >>529, >>531, >>733
oh my god
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¨ No.531  >>559
is that another fortnitenathanial in the background
¨ No.559
I hope he's okay
¨ No.733
bumping thread #1

File: 1654763073087.jpg–(114.36KB, 1000x1080, Snapchat-1706631466.jpg)
No.720  [Reply]
>be me
>young red worker ant
>enters homes and goes through people's things
>goes outside and builds mounds in people's yards
>People get mad.
>Decide to let people know before entering their home for now on
>MFW They still get mad
¨ No.727

File: 1654710875708.png–(91.65KB, 512x512, unnamed.png)
No.718  [Reply]
¨ No.719
1654757295742.jpg–(281.59KB, 1260x532, 2715138__safe_screencap_izzy+moonbow_pipp+petals_g)
If your onion website runs on JavaScript, it's practically dead in the water. No sensible person will enable JavaScript to use your website.

On the clear web, sure. But if we are talking Tor, you're just fucking insane.
¨ No.730

File: 1654365895858.gif–(191.29KB, 360x270, 718705__safe_screencap_cheerilee+28g329_pinkie+pie)
No.702  [Reply]
I demand you all to gay NOW
¨ No.707  >>714
1654417003915.png–(340.54KB, 945x945, Lyra_ew_gay.png)

¨ No.714  >>715
when I was a kid I was a brony (ofc) and I printed like 50 of that pic and stapled it to the wall around the door to my brothers room and my mom yelled at me. Good memories thank you
¨ No.715

File: 1654469097365.jpg–(19.34KB, 640x480, m0cgkfr6xs391.jpg)
No.712  [Reply]
The phrase "I will drink you under the table" sounds so unintentionally sexual. Like, it's supposed to mean you can drink more than them, but to me just sounds like another way to blow someone.
¨ No.713
1654504444553.jpg–(31.43KB, 680x453, tumblr_76758bb7e671452c81ec007800af96f6_120f9ea7_1)
get fuckin drinked

File: 1654466340856.jpg–(95.63KB, 640x480, Astral_640.jpg)
No.711  [Reply]
how am I supposed to work a job without my soul leaving my body? all it takes is 5 hours and I'm no longer a conscious feeling being

File: 1654400304152.jpg–(1.66MB, 3120x4160, IMG_20220530_134005115.jpg)
No.705  [Reply]
I hate women. I don't know why but I just hate them. I think they're annoying and stupid. Sometimes I don't even feel safe around them. It's most likely because my mother was abusive all throughout my childhood thus giving me PTSD and a burning misogyny, but I don't hate them in the kind of way that other incels do. I don't know how to describe it. I'm not sexually attracted to women either, I'm gay, but I hate straight cis women so fucking much
¨ No.706  >>710
I'd say hating cis women is very normal, anon
¨ No.710
Not a good thing though

File: 1653304021445.png–(29.33KB, 654x620, tumblr_d079402199fc6f5c48b761c55b2928a8_dcca3852_1)
No.627  [Reply]
living machine fetishists be like raw raw raw the boat

ITT: exhaust pipes
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¨ No.685  >>686
2 trucks having sex
¨ No.686
now we're talkin!
¨ No.709
1654429402172.png–(8.85KB, 525x80, screenshot_231.png)

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