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File: 1654090997151.png–(52.37KB, 530x618, screenshot_228.png)
No.692  [Reply]
shoots my autism beam(piss) all over ur face
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¨ No.695
what the fuck. what the shit
¨ No.703  >>708
1654366142175.png–(393.18KB, 720x717, 2b5eb3a5bfb9cd10cc8aba588a5fdc46e856fa174c61486260)
Being admin grants you piss beaming powers
¨ No.708
catches ur beam perfectly in my mouth

File: 1654215257100.jpg–(363.58KB, 1200x1200, HELL WORLD HELL WORLD HELL WORLD HELL WORLD HELL W)
No.697  [Reply]
this one goes to all the fags on here on this beautiful month of june
¨ No.699  >>700
¨ No.700  >>701
1654365046179.jpg–(11.64KB, 300x240, EVxhrEnWoAA9hOW.jpg)
¨ No.701
700 nice

File: 1654047928027.jpg–(7.87KB, 235x231, emo boy vs goose.jpg)
No.688  [Reply]

¨ No.694
is that 21 pilots
¨ No.698
that boys about to get geesed

File: 1654214789474.jpg–(69.58KB, 921x900, how wet is your pussy exactly.jpg)
No.696  [Reply]

File: 1653847517802.png–(4.31KB, 122x114, FJpFDNoXwAAUTXE.png)
No.681  [Reply]
anyone here got experience with thinking better when u press on ur head? whats that about?
¨ No.689  >>691
Well sometimes i cum better when i pressed on my full bladder
¨ No.691
pressing on full bladder is based, even better prostate stimulation with full bladder until u piss urself

File: 1653771999892.png–(10.28KB, 389x402, unknown-252.png)
No.672  [Reply]
ill be honest, ive never had sex before. but ive always was curious on how it feels because i want to try it. like im a virgin, could care less about losing it, just want to try it out of all curiosity.

but with the situation im in, im not sure id ever experience it. just wanting to escape this bubble so i can be free.
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¨ No.679
fellow virgin here. everyone tells me its overrated. ive had my dick sucked a million times and i could have gone without that and i think the same applies to sex sex
¨ No.682
hey i wanna be cucked. is that weird?
¨ No.683
Nope, everyone has got their own thing.

File: 1653786224286.png–(360.90KB, 512x512, Z7HeRxU.png)
No.676  [Reply]  >>678
new rules:
no fun allowed
¨ No.677
¨ No.678
personally i can get behind this
¨ No.680
1653813164520.gif–(159.27KB, 128x128, tumblr_3f4552bba0004e9aa3a7219e8b6c8a87_e77ce1f4_2)

File: 1653709633317.jpg–(34.80KB, 820x793, 20220526_143353.jpg)
No.667  [Reply]
lol ur mom gay
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¨ No.671  >>673
the proper term is clop sock
¨ No.673  >>675
i wanna be a clop sock....
¨ No.675

File: 1653709241912.jpg–(15.62KB, 236x220, extagz_01035.jpg)
No.666  [Reply]  >>670
666 lol
¨ No.669
¨ No.670
evil trips

File: 1652739556633.png–(9.72KB, 252x264, 1652722321830.png)
No.566  [Reply]
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¨ No.641
621 nice
¨ No.644  >>665
furry porn number
¨ No.665

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