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File: 1652379183229.jpg–(31.77KB, 564x423, cc92c820670839d3fadcba8d899d678e.jpg)
No.439  [Reply]
post thing here. Thing of all shape and size welcome and encourage.
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¨ No.636  >>639
1653433146484.png–(5.85KB, 477x440, cringelet.png)
I drew this thing its name is Cringelet
¨ No.639
i love cringelet
¨ No.664
cringelet my beloved

File: 1653519691876.png–(402.04KB, 720x1280, 3045030 - Newgrounds Pico's_School Piconjo pico.pn)
No.648  [Reply]
Man I need someone to fuck my bumbum too bro. I need a crusty ass gay Incel to call me a dumb tranny fag and fuck me raw. I need a crusty emo boy to let me suck his dick and then take me out to Whataburger. If any hot emo boys are reading this, I live somewhere in San Antonio Texas come fuck me please.
¨ No.649
on my fucking way my guy
¨ No.650
hell yeah get that dick
¨ No.663
wooooo get that dick

File: 1653603664395.jpg–(46.41KB, 834x834, k6wr8907i2i71.jpg)
No.652  [Reply]
>sirens blaring
>crackle of a microphone
>the sweetest, most motherly voice starts speaking
>crackle again as the speaker cuts out
>2 of the longest seconds in ur life pass
>u feel the ground tremble
>its not an earthquake
>oh god its not an earthquake
>u can see them in the distance
>theyre getting closer
>thousands of them
>as they close in u can almost smell them
>the sweet aroma of girl sweat with a slight tinge of dried piss
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¨ No.654  >>655
holy shit. need.
¨ No.655
come over, we can piss together
cross the streams
¨ No.662
the pissening

File: 1653619506791.gif–(677.32KB, 500x500, 10061039_39582.gif)
No.653  [Reply]  >>659
Bruh my pussy wet AF. I need a guy with a dick to eat out my bussy like it's his first time eating in three years. I want him to breed me, but not actually cuz I don't wanna get preggers, but you get what I mean. I need SEX!!!!!!! I NEED DICK!!!!!! I NEED ME A EMO BOY TO GRAB MY ASS REAL TIGHT AND SPANK ME HARDER THAN MY MOMMA WITH A BELT. GAH!!! IM HORNY!!!
¨ No.659  >>660
Why is ketaboard so horny lately
¨ No.660
im not OP but tbh im always horny af, ive been suppressing it so i dont flood ketaboard with the horniest shit uve ever seen
¨ No.661
we are all horny here

File: 1653435918471.png–(1.23MB, 1573x1164, girls hugging.png)
No.637  [Reply]
why am i not them
¨ No.645
its ok anon u can be them if u want 2 b
¨ No.657  >>658
Is that black dresses?
¨ No.658

Embed: nintendo gametube–(YouTube)
No.651  [Reply]
<:3 )~~

File: 1653313827540.png–(439.30KB, 816x764, Screenshots_2021-10-09-18-53-43.png)
No.629  [Reply]
Probably not the place for this, but y'all ever wish your waifu/comfort character was real? I do.

Sometimes I imagine myself cuddling with her, and it makes me happy but sad at the same time. Just wishing I was with her, in Equestria…
¨ No.632
that's really cute
¨ No.633
She loves you! She says shes always with you.
¨ No.635
I know exactly what you mean :-) I love my husband very much and I enjoy just being with him in my imagination but sometimes I do get sad that he isn't physically real

File: 1653107492768.jpg–(65.67KB, 600x653, bfb.jpg)
No.612  [Reply]

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¨ No.622
¨ No.625

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¨ No.634

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File: 1653261613772.jpg–(121.17KB, 1242x788, tumblr_1d567fae8ee8f2bc0f4f55615c4cae88_08c44f0f_1)
No.623  [Reply]

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¨ No.628
swallows the bricks
¨ No.630  >>631
if you're looking to get into playing but aren't ready to drop money on some toys, I recommend going outside and skipping around the yard, or if you have friends, playing tag
¨ No.631
good idea, also hide and seek, and climbing trees

File: 1653261666103.jpg–(49.14KB, 600x600, tumblr_24ded74b22ec223b1532085c17f249d7_ff43dd01_6)
No.624  [Reply]
need this bad bitch

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